A few of my favourite Bands:

  • Pond Life
    The historical website of my old comedy band from Uni, called Pond Life. I guess you need to see it to believe it!
  • The Paperboys
    My favourite band, 100 Proof Roots Music from Vancouver. Think Rock/Latin/Celtic/Pop, mix them all together and come out with a simply amazing sound.
  • Electrasy
  • Currently on the rocks in legal limbo-land. Hardcore 90's style rock with clever lyrics and razor sharp hooks.

  • Oysterband
  • I have a couple mates in this group which I've been into since I was pre-teen. Many think them to be the definitive folk-rock experience. I think they are bloody marvellous.
  • Alan Prosser Founder member of Oysterband and the best guitarist I've ever heard (although he won't admit it!)
  • Jennifer Cutting
  • Folk musician from Takoma Park with whom I've played a few gigs

  • Whapweasel
  • A surreal mixture of folk-celilidh and ska-rock which is great to dance to.  

  • Matt Mc Manus
  • A fellow solo guitarist/songwriter from Bristol University. Check out his new album "Underdog".


  • Casual Physics
    The internet abode of Pond Life and Sir William J Voelcker. Highly recommended!