Guitar and Vocals - Glyn Collinson
Guitar and Vocals - Rowena Gee
Recorded at a House Concert in Takoma Park, 14th June

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Glyn Collinson
Posted 15/6/2010 - 2:15pm

If you look through the records of the British Admiralty, you'll find a reference to a Captain Richard Collinson, who in the year of our lord 1850 set sail to search for the Northwest Passage. Now, the expedition was successful, although it wasn't Captain Collinson who made the discovery. Now I don't know if I'm related to this chap or not (probably the latter) , but I sort of hope so for two reasons

1.) His ship was none other than the H.M.S. Enterprise (see below)

2.) We'd have the same job, separated by 150 years, that of exploration... sort of.

At any rate, here's a song all about this from our house concert, where the American audience is in fine voice.

This frozen ocean stretches out to me
A thousand miles upon this icy sea
But my course is ever clear to me
Since I was a boy my father said to me

You're your Father's Son
Far Away you'll Run
And you'll find the Northwest Passage
Through the midnight sun

Since I was a boy, exploring's all I know
I'm at the mercy of the winds that blow
These sheets and sails are all I know
I'm northward bound to where my heart will go


Now if for home your heart begins to yearn
By northern lights see all you'll need to learn
But from the ocean, son, I will return
No matter where my fortunes toss and turn

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