(Traditional - arr. Megson)
Guitar & Vocals - Rowena Gee

Guitar & Backing Vocals - Glyn Collinson
Recorded Live in Bowie, Maryland, June

9th June 2010 - Download

Michelle Moss
Posted 11/06/2010 - 17:43

That may be a rough draft but it's beautiful.

Glyn Collinson
Posted 10/06/2010 - 12:10

Here's a rough scratch recording from one of the practice sessions from the tail end of our June 2010 East Coast US tour. I'm sure that Rowena would be the first to say that this was somewhat a *cough* rough early draft... At any rate, I really love listening to Ro's voice, despite, as she said, the fact that song is about absolutely ruddy nothing.

We should point out that we picked up this song from the band Megson who we like very much, especially their new album.


One morning in the month of May,
Down by some rolling river,
A jolly sailor, I did stray,
When I beheld my lover,
She carelessly along did stray,
A-picking of the daisies gay;
And sweetly sang her roundelay,
Just as the tide was flowing.

O! her dress it was so white as milk,
And jewels did adorn her.
Her shoes were made of the crimson silk,
Just like some lady of honour.
Her cheeks were red, her eyes were brown,
Her hair in ringlets hanging down;
She'd a lovely brow, without a frown,
Just as the tide was flowing.

I made a bow and said, Fair maid,
How came you here so early?
My heart, by you it is betray'd
For I do love you dearly.
I am a sailor come from sea,
If you will accept of my company
To walk and view the fishes play,
Just as the tide was flowing.

No more we said, but on our way
We'd gang'd along together;
The small birds sang, and the lambs did play,
And pleasant was the weather.
When we were weary we did sit down
Beneath a tree with branches round;
For my true love at last I'd found,
Just as the tide was flowing.

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