Now the dizzy age of 28 years old, I'm working at the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt MD, designing space plasma instrumentation that would be put on a spacecraft and hurled into the deepest uncharted corners of our solar system.

I have a Ph.D in Space Science from University Collegent London, and I spend four very happy years doing a Masters Degree (MSci) in Physics with Industrial Experience from the University of Bristol, which was utterly fantastic. My godfather and I spent the summer of 2007 driving around Australia from Perth to Darwin... and back. Photos here. I've also made some 3D animations for some proposed missions to Earth's Moon and Jupiter's Moon of Europa.

The performer in me:
I like performing, which these days mostly involves trying to enthuse other people about space. So far, I've been on BBC News and the Sky at Night, and found that it's very wierd to see yourself on the telly. At Bristol University, I had a lot of fun in a show called "Oh! What a Lovely War!", and I still miss playing my guitar in the Live Music Society. In my final year, myself and a bunch of three other misfits founded a Comedy-Rock-Pop band called "Pondlife", and spent two years having a big laugh and not taking ourselves very seriously. In recent years, I've turned to playing folk music, writing my own songs, and also performing with Jennifer Cutting in the local DC band Ocean.

These days I'm playing solo, or with my Transatlantic Folk Rock band "Waterfront". I love playing folk festivals when I can get them, including Shrewsbury Folk Festival, and the Washington Folk Festival!

I have been known to try my hand (not very sucessfully) at a bit of Science Fiction Writing, 3D Artwork and have written the occasional song on my guitar. 

The traveller in me:
Sometimes I have been known to list my home address as "Flight UA954 LHR to SFO". I love travelling, and have been to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the continental US, Canada, Central America, the arctic circle and Libya (to name the highlights). I'm a big fan of SCUBA diving, and have logged over 150 dives.

The Aviator in me:
I like all methods of flying and have tried Ballooning, Gliding, Light Aircraft, Skydiving and some day I hope to fly into space on an X-Prize rocket. 

The nerd in me:
Like many children of the 90's, I became addicted to computer games at an early age, the first game being Dark Forces, my website becoming a favourite online place to go for add on levels. I discovered the wonders of online gaming and became an addict of Xwing vs TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron, and later Unreal. You can view my Dark Forces, Jedi Knight and Rogue Squadron databases. 

I like a few TV programmes, Battlestar Galactica (remake), Deadwood, Babylon 5, and Futurama being my current favourites. I'm also interested in talking to people on the net, see my direct email page

List of my older sites from my past, most of which I am not particularly proud of, but there you go.